Company Profile

Design Consultation

3R offers its expert consultation on new projects and renovations. These services include developing project scope, schedule, and budget. We can help realize a vision and direction for projects through developing a style and colour palette, and providing a detailed analysis of architectural plans to maximize the effectiveness of function and space within an established budget.

Builder Specification Packages

  • Materials: 3R can work with its sizable network of suppliers to source out the most suitable materials for your project. These include flooring, tiles, countertops, cabinetry, hardware, paints, mouldings, and appliances. We typically provide sample boards of material collections to help demonstrate a theme.
  • Technical Drawings: 3R can provide detailed technical drawings to instruct builders how the selected materials are to be installed.
  • Lighting: 3R can pick lighting and develop a preliminary reflected ceiling plan within the architecture constraints, lighting requirements, and building code.
  • Plumbing: 3R can specify and source plumbing materials and appliances that fit with the scheme and plumbing design.
  • Millwork: 3R can select or design and source custom and readymade millwork materials that fit within the architectural and interior design scheme.
  • Glass: Glass can be considered a finishing touch to any interior design project. 3R can choose textures and applications that accent the overall theme.

Decorative Specification Packages

  • Window Treatments: 3R can help determine the best window applications for an interior design project. These can include, draperies, blinds, sheers, shutters, etc.
  • Bedding: 3R can pick the perfect fabrics and accessories for the room.
  • Furniture and Accessory Shopping: 3R can help plan the perfect space with pieces that create a natural flow to the room. We can also help budget and source and overall theme to finish off any renovation or design project.
  • Wall Features: 3R can find the perfect wall treatments of wallpapers, paints, pigments, and faux finishes.
  • Art Purchasing and Arrangement: 3R can expertly pick, procure, and organize the art pieces and prints most suitable for the project at hand. New arrangement techniques can help you experience art in new ways and uniquely tie together the overall theme of the design project.

Project Management

3R can manage the scope, design specifications, contracting, procurement, and execution of your project. A competent manager is responsible for all aspects of a project, from on-schedule delivery, budgeting, to quality control. Using 3R will give you access to our extensive network of preferred trades, designer discounts, and a breadth of experience that can take you from end to end in any design, renovation, or new build project.